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University Pathway Germany

You'd like to study at a German university? But don't know how to go about it? We are happy to consult you!

The GLS university pathway program will guide you through every step and will outline a PERSONAL ROADMAP to university studies in Germany for you. The GLS German Language School in Berlin is an official testing center for TestDaF and telc C1 German, required for university studies in Germany.

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Sarah, one of the university experts at GLS

GLS supports applications for all B.A. and M.A. degree programs in Germany (in various fields such as arts, engineering or science).

There are nearly 200 universities in Germany for which we process applications with the help of uni assist:

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There are 2 pathways to university in Germany

Which of the two applies to you, depends on your academic background.

  1. Direct access to university:Possible if your academic background is accepted as equivalent to a German high school diploma. In that case you only have to perfect your German (by passing the exam TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule)
  2. Indirect access to university: If your academic background is not accepted as sufficient, you will need to perfect your German AND also attend a pre-university Studienkolleg for 1 year. The Studienkolleg is free, but an entrance test is required. 


1. Direct Access to University

German language course - TestDaF or telc C1 exam (testing dates) - University

Your levelGerman course leading up to TestDaF/telc C1Price
Complete beginner12 months *6.240 €
Level A110 months5.200 €
Level A28 months4.160 €

* with 20 German lessons/week. You can speed up the process by taking an intensive course, i.e. 30 lessons /week.


2. Indirect Access

German language course - exam Goethe B2 or telc B2 (testing dates) - entrance exam to Studienkolleg* - Studienkolleg (one year) - University

* GLS offers an optional prep course for the entrance exam

Your levelGerman course leading up to Goethe or telc B2Price
Complete beginner8 months *4.160 €
Level A16 months3.120 €
Level A24 months2.240 €

* with 20 German lessons/week. You can speed up the process by taking an intensive course, i.e. 30 lessons /week.


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It's simple, very simple:

  1. Contact us
    Fill in this form, attaching your high school diploma and telling us, if you already studied in your home country.
  2. GLS will check your documents for FREE
    ... and tell you how much time and money you will have to invest before you can study at a university in Germany.  You will receive a personalized roasdmao looking like these samples: Sample pathway 1 and Sample pathway 2
  3. If you accept the pathway to university
    ... we will send you an invoice. The invoice includes support for university applications and a German language course on the GLS Campus in Berlin
  4. The pathway program starts
    Having received your payment, GLS will send you a) a conditional acceptance letter issued by a German university and b) an invitation letter for the German language course at GLS. Both documents are necessary if you need a visa.
  5. Once you are in Berlin
    ... and do your German course with us, we offer weekly consultations and assistance. We make sure that you learn German and pass the required language exam (Goethe B2, telc B2, TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule).
  6. Transition to University
    We help you find the university that fits your needs best and support applications at 3 universities in Germany. The semester starts in April or October (two intakes per year). 

You do not need a visa for university studies in Germany if you are from Australia, Canada, EU, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, USA - just come to Germany on a tourist visa and then get a residence permit once you are @ GLS in Berlin. The residence permit will allow you to study at a university in Germany if you meet the academic requirements.

Who needs a visa: 

If you are from a country that is marked with a YES on this Foreign Office´s List, you will need a student visa and in order to get that, you will need an acceptance letter by a German university plus documentation of sufficient knowledge of German. 

GLS visa support: 

GLS will support you: We will provide a condtional acceptance letter by a German university (provided you are academically eligible) and an invitation for a German course at the GLS language school in Berlin. 

You need both documents to apply for a student applicant visa. With this visa you can stay up to 12 months in Germany to learn German and to prepare yourself for university studies, and having done that you can switch to a student visa without having to leave Germany again. 

University Pathway Germany: Costs

See here what to expect in terms of time and money befor you can study at a university in Germany.

GLS outlines your pathway to universitymax. 3 daysfor free
GLS application service for 3 universities3 - 6 weeks*600 € 
German language course in Berlin2 - 10 months**1200 € - 7000 €
Exam fees (telc B2, TestDaF or telc C1) 130 € - 195 €
Prep course for Studienkolleg entrance exam1 month720 €
University (or Studienkolleg)1 - 4 yearsmore or less free
(no tuition)

* If you need a visa: add 2 or 3 months for the embassy's processing the visa  
** depending on your current level of German

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The GLS university application service is available only in combination with a German course of min. 2 months at our school in Berlin. The duration of the course depends on your current level of German.

  • Application service for 3 universities in Germany (either BA or MA)
  • VPD* within 3 - 6 weeks. VPD = a document issued by uni-assist that evaluates your academic background and your chances to study in Germany (VPD = Vorprüfungsdokumentation, needed for your visa application).  
  • Visa support incl. preparation for visa interviews
  • Tutor and weekly consultation hour during your German course at GLS

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